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Visual Intelligence Brought to Life

Healthworks Analytics™ is a web-based, Visual Intelligence™ (VI) platform providing your organization the ability to integrate disparate data sources into a united view designed to help you decide how to:

  • best allocate scarce resources

  • improve quality of care and outcomes

  • control costs

  • and improve the lives of your patients.


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Promote Compliance

Use the dynamic VI platforms to view real-time data and identify compliance issues so you can change your trajectory.

Proactive Decision Making

Leverage our visual decision-making tool for swift, proactive actions that enhance patient care.

Case Management

Actively partner with your patients to ensure they are fully benefiting from all of your programs.

Healthworks Analytics Visual Intelligence Platform

Visual Intelligence for Corrections

Healthworks Analytics partners with correctional organizations to provide a foundation for analyzing your compliance with national standards, bolster consent decree reporting, and improve the effectiveness of consent decree management. Through the power of our Visual Intelligence Platforms, you can identify areas of concern and take action to change your trajectory before you fall out of compliance.

Visual Intelligence for Public Health

Healthworks Analytics partners with Public Health departments to increase the effectiveness of programs, improve healthcare
outcomes, and identify recidivism factors. Our VI platforms and Case Management tool help you reduce program costs, increase efficiencies
of your staff, and facilitate collaboration between community partners.

To learn more about our work with Public Health Departments, please see our white paper discussing our work with Calvert County Maryland.


Medical care concept.

Benefits of the Solution

Visual Intelligence

  • Empower visual decision-making
  • Proactively manage compliance
  • Successfully allocate scarce resources


  • Natively communicate with more than 130 types of data sources
  • Combine multiple disparate data stores into one cogent info-pool
  • Protect your PHI/PII so none leaves your network

Case Managment

  • Build unlimited programs that follow your unique steps, actions, and criteria
  • Process electronic referrals from anywhere
  • Utilize MyCases® to easily manage any number of participants

Gain a clear view of your population’s needs and how you can manage your care program better than ever right now with our many dashboards.


With the power of HWA visual data analytics you can see from AFARRTM:


Authorized Resellers

HWA partners with Medicalistics, a premier provider of Electronic Health Records solutions for Corrections and Public Health.

Combining the power of both HWA and Medicalistics Solutions provides users with an unparalleled view and access to their data. If your EHR system is functioning well and you incorporate HWA data analytics, you can accomplish more with less. Medicalistics’ expertise in corrections and public health space, coupled with HWA’s capabilities, ensures users have access to the latest technology and support to help them achieve their goals. Together, HWA and Medicalistics Solutions are a powerful tool for managing healthcare data and improving patient outcomes.